Course Overview
This course presents methods and techniques that project managers can use to effectively initiate, plan, control and report on their projects. It helps project managers deal effectively with the different expectations of business and technical partners, management and staff. It provides tools, tips and real-life examples to handle all aspects of the project life cycle,regardless of the size and nature of the project. This course emphasizes a structured approach to project management to ensure a well-planned project whose scope is managed, risks are assessed and stakeholders delighted with the product produced.

This course is designed for those with limited or no experience of Project Management who will be working in a project environment or alternatively those with knowledge of project management techniques who wish to extend their techniques.


None – although exposure to project work will be of benefit.


  • To understand fundamental project management concepts
  • To be able to break a project down into manageable sections
  • To understand and apply estimating techniques
  • To be able to carry our critical path analysis
  • To realize the vital nature of people issues in project teams
  • To understand the importance of the control cycle in managing projects

Date & Time
January 27th – 28th, 2010
9:00am – 4:00pm

Includes: breaks, lunch and registration

Course Outline

  • Describe the project management framework, including the five processes groups and nine knowledge areas
  • Define roles and responsibilities of each project stakeholder and discuss the importance of collaboration to better manage projects
  • Develop a scope statement to establish the project baseline
  • Learn how to identify and quantify risks and develop risk-mitigating strategies in a risk management plan
  • Estimate tasks using top-down and bottom-up methods
  • Complete a work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Understand how to read Project Network Diagrams (Gantt and PERT)
  • Control projects using project tracking techniques, while recognizing common obstacles to project tracking
  • Discuss issues related to effective communications and develop a Communications Plan
  • Distinguish between status, progress and forecasting reports and learn how to choose the most appropriate report for each stakeholder
  • Understand the importance of Quality Planning, Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Describe the importance of formally closing projects, celebrating successes and completing lessons learned sessions
  • Describe three issues behind “scope creep” and apply four effective change management strategies
  • Understand the importance of managing conflict and describe the five key conflict management techniques
  • Learn the keys to successful celebrations

Workshop Presenter – Sid Stephenson
Sid has many years of intensive experience in international project management, as an educationalist, a project consultant and as both strategic and operational manager of multimillion dollar international projects. Formally a Director of Further and Higher Education in UK, Sid has led international project teams from inception to completion on major high profile projects in educational reform, disaster aid, community capacity building and re-construction for major international donor funders like the World Bank, USAID, The United Nations, the British Govt. Dept. for International Development (DFID), The Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), The Caribbean Community (CARICOM), The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the European Union (EU). Sid Stephenson is the author of University of Cambridge International Examination’s (CIE) International Diploma in Project Management which ser international standards for working project managers horizontally across all occupational areas and vertically through all management strata. He has worked with, and represented the Project Management sector as keynote speaker at major venues in the Middle East, USA, UK, South Africa, Canada, Central Asia, South East Asia and Scandinavia. A gifted and enthusiastic trainer and educator, Sid has earned an international reputation as an informed and pro-active expert in project management curriculum development, education and training.

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